FC Expatria

We’ve created a unique visual branding and field marketing campaign for expat footballclub FC Expatria.


Visually strengthen the Identity and concept of Expat footballclub with the main goal of bringing people together in a foreign country.

  • Strategy

    Brand Strategy, Fieldmarketing, Campaign, Art Direction

  • Design

    Branding, Graphic Design, Webdesign, Apparel Design

  • Client

    FC Expatria

  • Sponsors

    FootballCulture, Biki90, Beerze

The Jerseys

Are we playing at home or away?

For expats in The Netherlands there is no such thing as playing home or away, everything is away from their actual home. To give them the feeling of being at home nevertheless the Home Jersey is designed in a classic orange, the Away Jersey carries a cross representing the exploration of new places and hidden gems and the Training Jersey remembers them that their away from home but united. United with their new team and family.

The Logo

Travel and homecoming

The FC Expatria logo represents both traveling to a specific location as returning to one. The swallow can travel long distances while migrating every year. This has led swallows to be linked with travel and homecoming. The cross stands for a location and the explorations of new places but also symbolises a strong and dominant shape, like a family weapon.


Out in the field

To promote FC Expatria the team got on the road together with sponsors Biki90FootballCulture and Beerze and assembled a pop-up football field at several locations across the country targeting big international companies with a lot of expats. The main goal was not only to spread to word and hand out flyers, but to bring people together, have a beer and show them what the real Dutch football culture stands for.

The Website

When and where to play

The FC Expatria website was separated in a promotional page and a secure platform for members to share confedential information, look up details and read the latest news. But most importantly a schedule to see when and where to play and enjoy an ice cold beer together afterwards.

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